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From The Principal’s Desk

PrincipalDear Students,

La Sphère School of Hotel Management is not just another management school down the road. Here we welcome those who wish to take hospitality as a career by developing not only your intellect in the industry but also grooming you to keep your cool even in the most challenging situations.

La Sphère is committed to mould an average student into a holistic global hospitality manager equipped with right knowledge, good managerial capabilities. Besides imparting the right kind of knowledge, we also endeavor in making our students emotionally and spiritually strong who rule the power of echelons of the global industries.

In the academic years at La Sphère, you will learn all the required skills for the adopted courses. You shall be closely monitored and helped in every way to enhance various attributes like ‘personality’, ‘public speaking’, ‘oral and written communication’ apart from the ‘Knowledge of the trade’.

I welcome you to be a part of La Sphère family.
Warm regards

With Best Wishes
Manish Kumar Shukla